The College Hostel is going to be located in the campus near to college building. Each student shall be provided with one bed, one study table along with chair and independent almirah with attached bath-room and toilet as part of college hostel facilities. For the time being, the students shall be placed on the top floor of the college building itself with above mentioned hostel facilities in addition to mess.


Applicants should go through the hostel reles and regulations and undertake to abide by them

Rules of Students

1) Students must maintain proper decorum in the hostel. They must behave properly with the staff and fellow residents.

2) Students must carry the Hostel Identity Card with them and produce the same on demand by Security Guard and College / Hostel officials.

3) No Student is allowed to shift from one room to another without the prior written permission of thewarden .No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without the prior written permission of the hostel administration.

4) Ragging in any form is not permissible on campus, not even for fun.

5) The Principal of a college, the head of the Department or an Institution, the authorities of college, of university hostel, of hall of Residence shall take immediate action on any information of the occurrence of ragging.

6) The gates of the hostel shall be closed at specified time. Residents are required to enter the building by that time.

7) Any attempt or connivance leading to damage or loss of hostel property or damage to hostel building shall be treated as an act of gross indiscipline inviting penal action including fine as well as cancellation of seat.

8) Hostel rules & regulations are subject to change from time to time and these will be notified as and when required. Residents are liable to fine /expulsion for breach of these directives.