Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

The Department is equipped with the state of the art Modeling, Computational, Experimental, Calibration and Testing facilities for carrying out Industry sponsored and consultancy Research and Development (R&D) projects in various fields. Global Excellence in Teaching, Research and Technology development is the main concern of the Department.It has renowned as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculty and involved in providing Quality Education at both Undergraduate (UG).

The Department has well equipped laboratories such as VLSI Design, DSP, Microwave, RF Communication system, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Linear and digital IC and Electronics Labs. Advanced softwares like FEKO, Synopsis, Microsim 8.0 and Cadence are the pride of the department.The Electronics and Communication Hi-Tech Organization (ECHO) instituted in the department conducts regular Technical activities like Quiz, Paper Presentation and weekly Seminars.

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The core program is supplemented and further reinforced by a well chosen set of elective courses permitting the students to specialize either in the software or the hardware aspect of communication systems. The curriculum also includes courses on Industrial Economics and Business Management.


Ms.Aayushi Kathore

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Department Laboratories

rVLSI Design



rLinear and digital IC and Electronics Labs

rTransportation Engineering (TR)